Refer a business, save S$50!

Know another business that wants to grow their online store? Tell them about Maesh - they get lower transaction fees, and you get S$50 in credit!

Step 1

Tell them about Maesh and then let us know about the merchant you want to refer at

Step 2

The business you're referring signs up to Maesh and starts using the Maesh payment gateway and makes a transaction.

You get S$50 savings on your upcoming transaction fees!*

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Terms and conditions

Rewards are given out only for successful referrals. A referral is successful if:

  1. The business you're referring creates an account on
  2. They have installed the Maesh plugin/module or have integrated the Maesh libraries into their webstore
  3. The business being referred has at least one successful transaction made through Maesh
  4. You - the business that's referring - will get a cumulative S$50 in savings on your transaction fees starting from that date until the credit is fully used up
  5. These are the current Terms & Conditions for our referral program and have last been updated on October 13, 2020. We reserve the right to modify or amend them at any time