How much do transactions with Maesh cost?

Every PayNow transaction we successfully facilitate costs 0.7% + S$0.25.

Do you also accept debit or credit card payments?

Maesh is really good at PayNow, so that's what we currently focus on. If you do want to accept card payments, we recommend you use another payment gateway alongside Maesh. Do put the Maesh payment gateway on the top of the list of payment methods - our merchants report better conversion rates when Maesh is on top ๐Ÿ˜‰

How does Maesh reconcile the order in my e-commerce store? How does Maesh reconcile the payment?

For e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Prestashop, Maesh automatically updates the order in your back-end system when payments are received by us. For custom code webstores, we provide API endpoints for merchants to check the payment status.

What e-commerce platforms do you integrate with?

Check out our WooCommerce plugin, PrestaShop module or our JS library. Find out here when other e-commerce platforms are launching! Don't see your platform? We are always looking to support more merchants - so do still reach out! We will let you know if support is coming your way.

Is Maesh integrated with any accounting software like Xero?

Depending on your platform, existing plugins can work with Maesh - for example, the Xero plugin on WooCommerce works perfectly with Maesh.