How much do transactions with Maesh cost?

Every PayNow transaction we successfully facilitate costs 0.7% + S$0.25.

Do you also accept debit or credit card payments?

Maesh is really good at PayNow, so that's what we currently focus on. If you do want to accept card payments, we recommend you use another payment gateway alongside Maesh. Do put the Maesh payment gateway on the top of the list of payment methods - our merchants report better conversion rates when Maesh is on top 😉

How does Maesh reconcile the order in my e-commerce store? How does Maesh reconcile the payment?

For e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Prestashop, Maesh automatically updates the order in your back-end system when payments are received by us. For custom code webstores, we provide API endpoints for merchants to check the payment status.

Will payment confirmation documents be sent to customers upon making a payment?

Maesh does not send out invoices to your customers. But the e-commerce platforms we offer plugins for have their own way of doing that for you:

Is there a minimum transaction amount for any payment via Maesh?

Yes, the minimum transaction amount is S$0.25. This is because our fixed cost per transaction is S$0.25 and we would not want you to lose money on anything you sell!

Is there a maximum transaction amount for any payment via Maesh?

Yes, this is set by the FAST (Fast and Secure Transfer) payment rails on which PayNow relies. The maximum transaction amount for FAST payments is S$200,000.

Besides this hard upper limit, your customers may need to change daily limits or they may need to add Maesh as a payee, before they can transfer higher amounts than S$1,000.

Is there a time limit for the uploading of QR screenshots for a mobile transaction?

The payment and QR code will expire after 15 minutes. After that time elapses, a new payment would need to be initiated.

Note: OCBC PayAnyone™ users can use Maesh's Mobile Redirect. With this feature, there will no longer be a need to upload screenshot of the QR. The time limit for this payment is, however, still 15 min.

Why is the status of my order in WooCommerce still “Pending Payment”?

It may take up to 1 hour in WooCommerce for an order status to become “Cancelled” from “Pending Payment”, even if your customer has already decided not to pursue their purchase. If your customer did make a payment and you are still seeing “Pending Payment”, please reach out to us here.

Will Maesh's company’s name be displayed on the payment page?

Yes. The payment page will display both your company name as well as Maesh’s. It will be reflected like this below the QR code:

Maesh collecting for (your Company Name)

Your displayed ‘Company Name’ can be changed through the "Settings" menu of your Maesh account.

Note: In their bank’s app or e-wallet, customers will only see that they are paying to Maesh.

How are order statuses tracked for WooCommerce webshops?

  • ‘Pending payment’ > ‘Processing’ if the payment was successful
  • ‘Pending payment’ > ‘Cancelled’ if active cancellation or no transaction after 1 hour.

Refer to WooCommerce documentation for more details on WooCommerce payment processes.

Note: This is different from how we track statuses in Maesh:

  • “Pending” > “Succeeded” if the payment was successful
  • “Pending” > “Cancelled” if the payment was actively cancelled
  • “Pending” > “Pending” if the payment was not actively cancelled or abandoned otherwise