What e-commerce platforms do you integrate with?

Maesh has integrations with the following webshops:

We also have a JS library for bespoke code based webshops. Want to know when your e-commerce platform is launching? Fill out our interest form here.

Can the same API key be used for 2 or more websites?

Yes! The same API key can be used for two separate websites if they are sub-domains. Do contact us for suggestions on suitable URLs.

Example 1

Same API key can be used for and

Example 2

Same API key cannot be used for and

Does Maesh facilitate testing of its payment gateway?

We currently only have testing environments for bespoke platforms. You can create a testing account here.

For WooCommerce or PrestaShop merchants, we recommend setting up your own testing environment (a staging environment, possibly) and running Maesh’s plugin/module directly aimed at Maesh’s production server.

Can Maesh’s WooCommerce plugin be used for multi-vendor platforms?

Unfortunately, Maesh does not have the ability to disburse funds to multiple vendors from a single PayNow QR payment. This feature is currently on our roadmap.

However, Maesh can support multi-vendor businesses, if vendors have their own sub-domains which will allow individual checkouts through WooCommerce. Currently, Maesh is working with a food delivery platform called ezQR that works this way.