How Maesh works?

What is Maesh?

Maesh is an online payment gateway in Singapore that facilitates PayNow bank transfers from your customer to you (a merchant).

How does Maesh work?

Maesh works for both desktop and mobile.

On desktop, we offer our Scan QR & Pay solution.

On mobile, we offer:

[Desktop] How does Maesh's Scan QR & Pay work?

Your customer will perform their checkout on their desktop. They'll use a bank app or e-wallet installed on their phone from any of the 9 participating banks to scan the PayNow QR. See the video below of how that looks like for PayLah!.

[Mobile] How does Maesh's QR Upload & Pay work?

Your customer will take a screenshot of the PayNow QR code and upload the screenshot in their respective bank applications, the payment then carries out as per normal. See the video below of how that looks like for PayLah!.

[Mobile] How does Maesh's Mobile Redirect work?

Maesh's mobile redirect does away with uploading a QR code. It's a simple process of Click, Authenticate, and Pay. That's it!

For our first bank app integration, Maesh has collaborated with OCBC Bank to build a deeplink into OCBC Pay Anyone™. With this feature, your customers will just need to click the “Pay with OCBC Pay Anyone™” button on the Maesh payment page, which will automatically redirect them to the OCBC Pay Anyone™ app where they will be prompted to authenticate and pay. See how that works in the video below!

Will my customer directly pay into my bank account? Why does Maesh accept the funds on behalf of me?

Your customer will pay to Maesh, instead of to you directly. The reason for this is that with the current Singaporean banking infrastructure, it's impossible for us to know if your customer transfered the money to you directly. By accepting the funds on behalf of you, we can automate the entire payment and order reconciliation. We will subsequently pay you out. Read more about how we do that here.

Does Maesh work for a multi-vendor website?

Supporting so-called “master merchants” with a multi-vendor platform is on Maesh’s roadmap of features and we call this “Maesh Marketplace”. With Maesh Marketplace, we will allow you to input individual merchants’ data such as UEN or bank account information upon registration. Maesh Marketplace will also receive a single payment from a consumer and disburse it to the individual merchants accordingly without you having to separate funds yourself. This feature is expected to be ready in 2021 Q1.