Merchants typically find Stripe and Paypal expensive; Image credit: Maesh

Do payments the cost-effective way

Stripe and PayPal are the common go-tos when it comes to online payments. Yet this doesn’t make them the most cost-efficient options. Singaporean merchants have been unambiguously clear about high transaction fees charged by these payment options.

We heard you!

Explore a real-time payment alternative

Like Stripe and Paypal, Maesh is a real-time payment gateway — the bridge connecting customer transactions to merchants’ bank accounts. Typically with Stripe and Paypal, customers check out from a webshop using a card. Instead, Maesh will allow your customers to make online purchases using their bank’s app or e-wallet. This expedites check-out processes by saying goodbye to the hassle of keying in lengthy credit card details — 16-digit numbers, expiry dates…

Simple? We’ve got SIMPLER

Maesh Scan QR & Pay PayNow
Scan a QR for easy checkout; Image credit: Maesh

Just by scanning a QR code, Maesh cancels the need for multi-step authentication, making payments a breeze. This results in better user experience and stronger customer relationships. And we all know how important that is — the customer is king.

Quality services, lower prices

Transaction Cost Comparison Maesh Stripe
Transaction cost comparison between Stripe and Maesh on a $30 order (as of September 20, 2020); Image credit: Maesh

Not only will you be easing the payment process for your customers, but you will also be eliminating high transaction costs — paying only 0.7% + S$0.25 instead of Stripe’s 3.4% + S$0.50 markup.

This ~70% cut in fees is possible because Maesh leverages Singapore’s FAST real-time payments network, more commonly known as its proxy layer PayNow. PayNow consists of a peer-to-peer transfer service, which allows you to transfer money from your bank account to anyone with just their mobile phone number or (for businesses) their Unique Entity Number (UEN). This essentially means you can make payments whenever and wherever, a function that has been increasing with popularity because of its ease and speed.

Maesh. For faster, smoother and cheaper transactions

Maesh The Cheapest Online Payment Gateway in Singapore
Image credit: Maesh

Are you a Singaporean merchant doing business online?

That’s awesome 💪

Currently, we have plugins available for the e-commerce platforms Woocommerce and Prestashop. We also have a Javascript library and React JS component available for easy implementation in your custom webshop.

No biggie if you are not a merchant on any of these drop us your details and we will see what we can do for you. Alternatively, you can reach us through mail.

At Maesh, we believe in giving you cheaper rates, plus faster and smoother transactions so that you too can improve the experiences of your customers.

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