These are challenging times, especially for businesses of all sizes. In response, the startup community of Southeast Asia has come together to create #SupportStartups — a collection of offers from startups to help businesses and consumers better navigate the challenges that come with COVID-19.

In the spirit of #SupportStartups, Maesh is committed to helping Singaporean business owners see this crisis through. Our payment solution already aims to cut down transaction costs for businesses by using PayNow, but to help you get through the crisis we’re taking it further — we are bringing transaction costs on our platform down to 0.70% + S$0.25 per transaction from 1.5% + S$0.25 per transaction — which means that if you’re already on Stripe, you can reduce your transaction costs by about 70%, when your customer uses PayNow through Maesh.

The Association for Banks in Singapore has also recently launched the Carry on With PayNow campaign to encourage merchants to use PayNow for transactions by offering cash incentives for signups and transactions made in PayNow. This makes it a great time to get started, and Maesh is here to automate these PayNow transactions for you.

Currently, Maesh has plugins available for the e-commerce platforms Woocommerce and Prestashop and an API for custom e-commerce sites. To get started, reach out to us via email ( or via chat on the Maesh homepage and we’ll be happy to help. Do note though, that Maesh uses PayNow and does not accept debit/credit card payments and as such Maesh should be seen as complementary to — and not a replacement of — your current payment methods.

We stand with businesses in these challenging times. From everyone here at Maesh, stay safe.