Smooth mobile checkouts for OCBC Bank customers in just 3 steps

With banks going digital, some of us might have started making payments using PayNow QR codes while shopping on our mobile phones. Yet, having to upload screenshots of the QR into bank apps to complete the payment process can still be cumbersome.

Those times are over now! Maesh has worked together with OCBC Bank  — the first one to so in Singapore — to implement a Mobile Redirect for its OCBC Pay Anyone™ users. It removes the need to go through existing credit card and QR checkouts, replacing it with a click, authenticate, and pay system that is both quick and straightforward. This greatly shortens the payment journey, allowing consumers to save time that could be spent on more important things: Shopping. 👜💵

Read on to understand how it works.

Pay in 3 steps


By choosing Maesh as a payment option, a click of the  “Pay with OCBC Pay Anyone™” button will automatically redirect you to the OCBC Pay Anyone™ app.

OCBC Pay Anyone™ mobile redirect 'Click' function
Click “Pay with OCBC Pay Anyone™"; Image credit: Maesh


After that, you authenticate yourself using your biometrics and the payment gets fully loaded. No manual input!

OCBC Pay Anyone™ mobile redirect 'Authenticate' function
Authenticate yourself and the payment details automatically show up in the app; Image credit: Maesh


Then all there's left to do is approve the payment. If you’re going to take my money, do it fast!💸

OCBC Pay Anyone™ mobile redirect 'Pay' function
Click the arrow to simply pay; Image credit: Maesh

Easier payments equal more successful transactions

Easier payments are especially important for businesses because convenience is key to any shopping experience. According to Forbes, one of the main ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment for online businesses, is by ensuring that checkout processes are mobile friendly. With our Mobile Redirect into the OCBC Pay Anyone™ app, we do exactly that!

Getting started with it is just as straightforward. All you have to do is onboard with Maesh and you are all set. After all, Maesh is always here to the rescue. 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️

Get started with Maesh’s Mobile Redirect for your online business today