Maesh is the first payment gateway in Singapore to bring the real-time payments network of PayNow online. Ever since our launch, we have seen our merchants enjoying lower transaction fees and their consumers getting smoother and faster checkouts with Maesh.

At the same time, the benefits of real-time payments have not really changed how and when you receive your payouts. Merchants are still facing long processing times to get their money. For example, it takes Stripe 7 days to transfer your hard earned cash into your bank account in Singapore.

But with Maesh’s Same-Day Payout plan, we introduce another “first”. It’s a much quicker way to get settled and it won’t break the bank. 😍 You get more control of the money you’ve earned with Maesh for only S$1 per day.

Maesh Same-Day Payout Plan PayNow
This is how it works: Same-Day Payout plan

This is how it works

With the Same-Day Payout plan, you will receive your money every day at 9PM SGT. No matter if it’s a holiday or the weekend, all of the transactions for that day will flow directly into your bank account in real time. And the next payout is scheduled exactly 24 hours later*! All of this is possible, because we now also leverage PayNow not just for your customers’ transactions, but for merchant settlements as well.

*If there is no balance due, then Maesh will of course not process any payout. We won’t be charging you for it either ☺️


For example, 12 of your customers’ transactions were with Maesh on a Saturday. At 9PM SGT on that day, a Same Day Payout is triggered that will transfer the funds from all that day’s transactions instantaneously into your bank account. You only pay S$1 for the payout of those 12 transactions.

Get started

Excited to take back control of your payments? Click here to get started with PayNow payment gateway Maesh.

Want to change your Standard Payout Plan to the Same-Day Payout Plan? Then click here.

P.S. Don’t worry, our Standard Payout Plan is still your default if you take no action. And, yes, that will remain entirely free. Because Maesh is here to the rescue 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏾‍♂️