The cheapest online payment solution in Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Maesh enables your customers to pay with PayNow
You get lower transaction fees for your online business

Maesh Prototype

Offer a seamless user experience

1. Select PayNow powered by Maesh

Your customer clicks on our payment method

2. Scan the QR code with smart phone

Your customer scans the dynamic QR code displayed on desktop with any PayNow app of the 9 participating banks in Singapore

2. Select the preferred bank app
PayLah! logo OCBC Bank logo UOB logo Citi Bank logo HSBC logo Standard Chartered logo Maybank logo Bank of China logo ICBC logo

Your customer chooses any PayNow app of the 9 participating banks in Singapore and gets redirected

3. Authorize and Pay
Password Authentication Fingerprint Authentication Face Recognition

The customer authorizes the payment in app with bank grade security

That's it!
"Maesh is a great option for reducing your transaction costs and they provide tremendous, fast support. Highly recommended to all e-commerce stores.”
Kenneth Ong, Chief Alchemist at Compound Coffee Co.
Additional Payment Method
  • ➽ With PayNow you offer your customer an extra option to pay
  • ➽ Maesh complements credit card payments through e.g. Stripe or PayPal

But no hefty fees

Compare transaction costs
Stripe Maesh
Percentage 3.4% 1.5%
Fixed S$0.50 S$0.00
Total cost
Fees saved
Margin improvement